Sep. 15th 2025

Our Story
Simona and Jack's love story began in their hometown where they met during their high school years. They quickly became inseparable, sharing their love of music and passion for travel.

After several years of dating, Jack proposed to Simona during a romantic getaway in Paris.

They spent the next year planning their perfect wedding, which was a beautiful celebration of their love and commitment to each other. Today, Simona and Jack continue to explore the world together and create new memories as a married couple.

04:00 PM - 05:00 PM
Location: St. Mary's Church
05:00 PM - 06:00 PM
Cocktail Hour
Location: The Garden at The Grand Hotel
06:15 PM - 08:30 PM
Location: The Speakeasy Lounge at The Grand Hotel
  • Manhattan, New York, NY, United States